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SG Strategic Framework for Action

Update: September 2017

Improvement (Commitment 1)

Dundee City is the sixth and final test site to join the Palliative and End of Life programme. Most test sites now have an Associate Improvement Advisor (AIA) in post, supporting local teams through the planned improvement phases starting with understanding current systems and designing tests of change that aim to improve identification and care coordination. Monthly project surgeries and a trimester delivery group aim to provide additional support and development. Emerging improvement themes include testing the Advanced Dementia Practice Model in the care home setting (Dundee), anticipatory care planning approach for COPD (East Ayrshire), and Enhanced Community Support (Perth & Kinross).

It is hoped that these six project areas will provide valuable information about how we can improve access to, and the co-ordination of palliative care across Scotland. As learning from the test sites becomes available (from mid 2018 ), it will be shared with all health and social care partnerships and other providers of palliative care.

Research (Commitment 5)

The working group which has supported the development of the Forum will meet at the end of August with a focus on planning the future activity and strategic development of the Forum.

Support greater public and personal discussion of bereavement, death, dying and care at the end of life (Commitment 6)

With support from Scottish Government, the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care has recruited to a new 2-year post to support work in this area. The role will enable a scaling up of existing approaches, exploration of linkage with other work streams (eg ACP, Health Literacy) and a report to the NIAG on further areas for development.

eHealth to Support ACP sharing (Commitment 7)

A specification is being produced to develop a system to replace KIS and to support ACP more widely.

Data (Commitment 9)

A work plan for 2017-18 to be delivered by ISD has been agreed by NIAG. Work is now underway to develop routine analyses based on existing data and to address some of the key current data gaps.

Other Related Developments

Anticipatory care planning toolkit launched in June

A new Toolkit for Anticipatory Care Planning has been launched by Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub. The new toolkit includes guidance for health and social care professionals, advice for individuals and downloadable planning materials.

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