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To Absent Friends: Evaluation Report

November 2017 saw another successful edition of To Absent Friends, a people's festival of storytelling and remembrance. An evaluation report of the festival, based on feedback from event organisers and attendees, is now available.

The evaluation concludes that:

  • The festival helps build communities, addressing social isolation and loneliness. Attendee feedback shows how much they valued the community aspects of the festival.
  • A little money goes a long way. Small grants act as an impetus for activity among groups who otherwise might not participate.
  • Dedicated staff time is valuable. Extra resource at the SPPC has increased activity and secured more publicity.
  • The festival is connecting with disadvantaged groups. There is an appetite for this kind of event within a community development framework.
  • Regulars return to the festival. Many groups participate each year, making the festival sustainable, and strengthening community connections.
  • Witnessing successful events helps inspire others. Potential event organisers can now be pointed to many different event concepts that work.
  • Concerts are a popular concept. Attendances at concerts were higher than at other types of events.
  • Media profile could be higher. The grassroots nature of the festival means local media coverage for individual events is easier than securing a national profile.
  • Different approaches work for different audiences. Careful management of expectations and handling of sensitivities means events can be created that work for a wide range of audiences and situations.


A downloadable copy of the report is available here.


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