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Submission to Independent Review of Targets & Indicators

The SPPC has submitted a response to inform the Independent Review of Targets & Indicators being led by Sir Harry Burns.

The paper explores some of the challenges and complexities involved in measuring the quality of patient and carer experiences towards the end of life. It proposes a two-tiered approach to future measurement of this area:

  • The introduction of a single, system-wide national survey of bereaved informal carers.

This Independent Review represents an opportunity to move on from using process indicators as proxies for quality. The SPPC therefore propose the introduction of a Scottish National Survey of Bereaved Informal Carers, using the VOICES (Views of Informal Carers - Evaluation of Services) tool.

  • IJBs should be expected to use appropriate approaches at local level

During the development of this paper many examples of different approaches being used locally to measure the quality of palliative and end of life care were identified, for example data from complaints; Patient Opinion; real time feedback from patients and family; measures developed by the Outcomes Assessment Complexity Collaborative (OACC); local analysis of process and activity data that may be available via the LIST resource, including KIS; case note reviews; significant event reviews.

The paper recommends that IJBs should be expected and supported to use such approaches locally, and to share learning.

This paper is the product of consultation with the range of stakeholders involved in the SPPC, with particular thanks to the SPPC Council for the considered contribution of expertise and experience from such a wide range of perspectives.

The full report can be accessed here: Measuring improvement: people’s experiences of deteriorating health, death, dying and bereavement.
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