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SPPC Submission to Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry

SPPC has made a submission to the “Let’s Be Heard” listening exercise which is part of the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry. 

The submission is based on engagement with stakeholders in 2021 during the production of SPPC’s report Every Story’s Ending, which has been complemented by a stakeholder workshop held in December 2023. 

The aims of SPPC’s engagement with the Inquiry are to:

  • Ensure that the recommendations of the Inquiry reflect the experiences and expertise of our member organisations and practitioners during the pandemic
  • Promote the inclusion of palliative and end of life care as an explicit, integrated component of future pandemic preparedness and pandemic response
  • Highlight the innovative and positive work which was done to support end of life care during the pandemic
  • Highlight specific issues relating to palliative and end of life care which need to be addressed for future pandemic preparedness
  • Raise awareness and improve understanding of palliative and end of life care

You can download the submission HERE.

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