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SPPC Responds to Assisted Dying Consultation

SPPC has responded to the consultation on proposals for an Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill. SPPC's approach to this consultation has been:

  • To take a factual and evidential approach rather than a moral or religious one
  • To educate and inform about palliative and end of life care
  • To challenge misinformation about palliative and end of life care
  • To acknowledge and give an account of complexities which tend to get lost in polarised debates
  • To be honest about the limits of palliative care to relieve all suffering
  • To be honest about the current deficiencies in care towards the end of life experienced by some people
  • To advocate for the improvement of palliative care
  • To critically review and present a view on the specific provisions of the proposed Bill, such that if the Bill is passed potential harms (to vulnerable people and the practice and provision of palliative care) are minimised.

You can download and read SPPC's response here.

The consultation is the first step towards a potential change in the law in Scotland. Following this consultation a Bill is likely to be drafted which will then be subject to several further stages of scrutiny and voting in the Scottish parliament. You can read more about this legislative process here.

SPPC has produced a short brief setting out the key features of the proposal to change the law.

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