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SPPC Annual Conference 2023

The SPPC Annual Conference will take place on 22 November at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.  Check out the programme and book your place here.

The conference will provide opportunities to hear about new approaches and practice which offer hope for improvement, hear challenging perspectives and energising inspiration, and to catch up with colleagues and make new connections.

Planned topics at the conference include:

  • Intensive caring – an evidence-based practical approach to affirming each individual’s intrinsic worth towards the end of life.
  • Challenges and opportunities in illuminating and understanding people’s end of life experiences.
  • What can we learn from care homes about living well before dying well?
  • Older people's experiences of iatrogenic suffering in hospital towards the end of life.
  • Exploring how palliative care strategies are actually understood, interpreted and implemented in the real world.
  • Using video to identify and understand every day brilliant palliative care, as a starting point for improvement.
  • Palliative sedation - what it is, prevalence, practice, ethical issues and future developments.

For more information, check out the conference webpage: SPPC Annual Conference 2023

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