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Response on Innovation and Technology in the NHS

The SPPC has submitted a response to the Scottish Parliament Health & Sport Committee's call for views on Innovation and Technology in the NHS.

Within the response we highlight that there are key opportunities for the use of technology in health and social care to:

a) Improve how technology supports Anticipatory Care Planning (ACP)

b) Improve integration and communication between the statutory, independent and voluntary sectors

c) Support more useful feedback on quality of care and outcomes.

Our response suggests that ICT systems should be developed which expand on the functions of the Key Information Summary (KIS) and have the following characteristics:


  • ACPs can be easily and frequently updated to reflect the ongoing and evolving conversations which underpin good anticipatory care planning.
  • ACPs can be updated (in real time) by relevant people from different settings which span primary care, secondary, tertiary, social care and potentially education (to enable the appropriate support of children and young people).
  • ACPs are accessible to third sector providers such as hospices and independent sector providers such as care homes.
  • ACPs are accessible in different settings and by different devices.
  • People using services (and their informal carers where appropriate permission has been granted) are able to access their own ACP.
  • ACPs are sufficiently flexible in format to support individual preference (both of the patient/client and professionals).
  • The system is framed by information governance rules which support secondary use of data for service improvement, planning and research.
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