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Mapping the progress and impacts of public health approaches to palliative care: a scoping review

A group from the University of Edinburgh, Strathclyde University, La Trobe University, Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care and St Columba’s Hospice Edinburgh, are undertaking a scoping review relating to public health palliative care.

The scoping review aims to:

  • Map the wide variety of activities and programmes that could be classified as ‘public health palliative care’
  • Explore the impact of these activities where impact has been measure
More information about the review is available here:

Having undertaken a search of formally published literature, a grey literature search is now underway.

This will include write-ups/reports/evaluations of work that could be considered public health or health promoting palliative care - ie work aiming to prevent social difficulties around death, dying and bereavement, that involve working with communities or wider society. (Check out the inclusion criteria here.)

If you've been involved in writing up relevant work, even if it has not been formally published, we'd be interested to see it for potential inclusion in the review. Please email Rebecca by 9 February 2018.

Many thanks!

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