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Policy on Working with Business

1. The Partnership will not work with businesses where the relationship is likely to damage the reputation of the Partnership.

2. In working with business the Partnership will avoid any arrangement which significantly impinges on its independence. Support from business will not exceed 10% of total income. Support from one individual business will not exceed 5% of income.

3. The Partnership will be transparent about its working with business. This policy will be available on the Partnership’s website. Each instance of support from business will be listed on the Partnership’s website and in the Partnership’s annual report and accounts.

4. The Partnership will not work with businesses whose aims clearly and directly conflict with the aims and purposes of the Partnership or its members. Examples include tobacco and alcohol businesses.

5. Prior to working with any business Partnership staff will:

a. Understand the activities of a business by looking at its website and annual report

b. Undertake a search for negative media coverage about the company

c. Document conclusions about whether and how any support complies with this policy

6. A clear written agreement setting out conditions will be put in place between the Partnership and the business in respect of each instance of support.

7. The Partnership’s name and logo may only be used by businesses with the express permission of the Partnership and permission will only be given in circumstances in which the use of the logo does not call into doubt the independence of the Partnership.

8. Supporting businesses will have no input to the content of publications or the programmes of conferences, events or projects.

9. The Partnership will not endorse specific products and will ensure that the use of its name and logo does not give this impression.

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