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Poster Parade Exhibitions 2022

Over the years, the poster display and competition has formed an integral part of networking and best practice sharing and learning at our SPPC Annual Conferences. Since 2020 we've brought this online in a virtual Poster Parade.

Scroll down to view the entries to this year's Poster Parade ..

  1. A 24/7 District Nursing Palliative Care Helpline in Fife: enabling timely, person-centred end of life care in the community
  2. A Creative Burst Before Lunch! A review of the use of weekly Creative, Therapeutic Arts group sessions in a hospice day service setting
  3. A Heartful Journey - Hospice Transport Service
  4. A Review of NHS Ayrshire and Arran Hospital Palliative Care Team TRAKCARE data 2021-2022
  5. Absent Friends Project: Patient Belonging Bags
  6. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for people with palliative care needs, their caregivers and staff involved in their care: A systematic scoping review
  7. Adopting a risk management approach
  8. Assessing the impact of decant from South Ayrshire to East Ayrshire on the demographics of patients admitted to the in-patient unit
  9. Becoming a University Hospice: From shared values to innovative practice and research
  10. CHAS Fresh Meals: Nutritious and Delicious
  11. Confidence is Key: Neighbours Supporting Each Other Through Grief
  12. Courageous Conversations: Delivering expert level communication skills on a digital platform
  13. Creating a community AHP service for patients receiving Hospice input: ensuring patients are being seen at the right time by the right person
  14. Deprescribing and Polypharmacy amongst Hospice Inpatients
  15. Developing a palliative care debrief
  16. Development of an integrated vascular surgery/ palliative medicine approach to patients with advanced peripheral vascular disease
  17. Dundee Urgent Home Visiting Team
  18. Dying in Poverty at the End of Life
  19. Enhanced Community End-of-Life Care Provision in Fife during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  20. Exploring Advance Care Planning in Scottish dementia policies: A Critical Discourse Analysis
  21. Exploring the initiation and revision of ACP with and for people with dementia: a narrative study
  22. GRESCO Agape: An international songwriting project for change, loss and grief bringing together hospice patients and school children
  23. Guidance at End of Life (GAEL) for Health Care Professionals: A Quality Improvement Project
  24. High Risk Pain Medicines abound! Gabapentinoid Prescribing Review in a Palliative Care Caseload
  25. Imminence of Death amongst NHS Ayrshire and Arran Hospital Inpatients
  26. Improving awareness of the UHM Referral Process to the Specialist Palliative Care Team
  27. Improving the quality and value of care for people with poor prognosis cancers: a national questionnaire survey of General Practitioners in Scotland
  28. Improving the use of Treatment Escalation Plans within Medicine for the Elderly
  29. Introducing the Triage Hub Meeting at The Ayrshire Hospice
  30. No Time to Lose: Addressing the housing needs of people with MND
  31. No-one Dies Alone Ayrshire
  32. “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”: a young adult's right to eat
  33. Online public information about advance/ anticipatory care planning (ACP): Mapping review of UK and international websites
  34. Opioid Changes Through the Years in Patients with Uncontrolled Cancer Pain
  35. Palliative and End of Life Care for Older People in Care Homes: The Case of UK and Canada
  36. Palliative Care workers' experiences with and beliefs surrounding Deathbed Phenomena
  37. Patient, Family and Staff Experience of the ReSPECT Process
  38. PICC in Palliative Care: An opportunity to reverse the reversible
  39. Realistic Conversations: Developing and delivering a toolkit for virtual communication training
  40. ‘Ripples of Grief’ – a new film for healthcare professionals
  41. Safe Harbour: the role of lead professionals at the time of transitioning between child and adult services for those with life-limiting conditions
  42. Say Something Dundee: The journey so far: Working collaboratively to bring compassionate communities activities to the people of Dundee
  43. Scottish Bereavement Friendly Workplaces Toolkit
  44. Seasons of Change: An opportunity for staff to reflect on loss, grief and bereavement
  45. Sharing is caring: Ensuring high quality ACP information is accessible to all services to enable person-centred care
  46. Streamlining Hospital to Hospice IPU Referrals
  47. Supporting compassionate communities in dying, death and bereavement by providing space for organisations to gather, discuss and learn
  48. Taboo Busting: Creating a space to talk openly about death, dying and how we can be better prepared for the inevitable
  49. The ABC of ACP Training
  50. The Impact of Advance Care Planning on Quality of Life and Quality of Death for Asian older People in Palliative and End-of-Life Care: A Scoping Review
  51. The power of storytelling: building up a team mindset to tell the Hospice story
  52. Views of Care at End of Life: An action research study exploring the best ways of eliciting patient and family views of end of life care and giving real time feedback in acute hospitals
  53. Views of Care at End of Life: Using Care Opinion to explore end of life experiences
  54. When Sage and Thyme met Zoom
  55. Working as a true multi-disciplinary team

Thank you for taking the time to look at and vote for these posters!


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