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Shaping the future direction of palliative and end of life care in Scotland

Five years on from the publication of the Scottish Government Strategic Framework for Action for Palliative and End of Life Care, it is important to take stock and consider what is next for palliative and end of life care in Scotland.

The Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care is currently gathering evidence, experience and ideas to help shape the future strategic direction of palliative and end of life care, serious illness, dying and bereavement in Scotland.

What do we want to find out?

Between August-December 2020, the SPPC will be exploring what a future palliative care strategy for Scotland might look like. This will include:

What is the purpose of this work?

The SPPC will produce an authoritative position paper which makes a credible and evidence-based case for action to improve palliative and end of life care in Scotland. This can be used by the SPPC and its members to:

What is the scope of this work?

This work will look at how to improve people's experiences of serious illness, dying, death and bereavement in Scotland. This encompasses a broad range of issues, including the role of both formal services and wider society (public health/compassionate communities approaches).

What is the process for developing the paper?

SPPC staff are seeking the views, experience and ideas of all relevant stakeholders through a survey and a series of interactive engagement events.

Combining this with information available through recent relevant publications, evidence and research, SPPC will author and undertake rapid consultation on a draft position paper, aiming to complete this work by by the end of 2020.

How can I input my thoughts?

During Summer 2020, SPPC undertook an online survey of members, and has used its findings to develop a list of topics/questions for further consideration. In Autumn 2020 we are planning a number of specific opportunities for people to contribute thoughts and ideas to influence the development of the position paper:

SPPC members meetings: Existing members of the SPPC-run National Charities Group, Specialist Palliative Care Group, Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care, and Community Palliative Care Group will be able to participate in workshop discussions at their scheduled autumn meetings.

Steps to Better Bereavement: (30th September 10.30-1pm) Bringing a variety of international and professional perspectives, confirmed speakers at this event include Lauren Breen, Orla Keegan and Alison Penny. Small group discussions will then focus on how Scotland can improve people’s experience of bereavement. The outputs of those discussions will feed into the new position paper on future strategy which SPPC is developing for the sector. You can register for this virtual event here: Steps to better bereavement registration

Shaping the Future, Sharing Ideas: (8th October, 10.30 – 1pm) This open interactive virtual workshop will take place via zoom. More details will follow, and you can register here: Shaping the future, sharing ideas

Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief: (9th October,10.30-12pm) A virtual workshop to enable those with an interest in compassionate communities/public health palliative care and other related work to contribute their thoughts and ideas. More information and registration for this event is available here: Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief - Shaping Strategy Workshop

Photo credits: Mark König; Evan Dennis; Jordan Madrid; UX Indonesia; Johannes Plenio

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