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Cross Party Group Meeting (and AGM 2011) 29 June 2011: 'A beginner’s guide to successful palliative care research'

John Welsh, Professor of Palliative Medicine, and Chairman of the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care’s Research Guidance Advisory Group delivered a presentation about this subject.

He provided some background to the history of and necessity for palliative care research, and introduced the recent Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care publication A beginner’s guide to successful palliative care research. He went on to outline recent relevant developments that will affect palliative care research, and some hopes for the future.

Some current palliative care research

Professor Scott Murray, St Columba’s Hospice Chair of Primary Palliative Care gave a presentation outlining some ways in which Scottish palliative care research is leading internationally as well as making a difference in Scotland.


The following Office Bearers were elected:

Convener: Michael McMahon MSP

Vice-Conveners: Jamie McGrigor MSP / Dennis Robertson MSP

Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Hazelwood, Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care

Meeting Papers:


Approved minute of XPG meeting - 21 June 2011


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