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Creating the conditions for delivering fair dementia care

The meeting explored the key issues identified in Alzheimer Scotland’s report Delivering Care for People with Advanced Dementia, including the practicalities of defining and identifying people with Advanced Dementia; coordination of palliative and end of life care for people with advanced dementia; and whether their needs should be seen as health care needs rather than social care needs.

There were presentations from:

Amy Dalrymple, Head of Policy, Alzheimer Scotland (PowerPoint slides)

Cesar Rodriguez, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Associate Medical Director, NHS Tayside and National Clinical Lead (Psychiatry) at Focus on Dementia, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

An agenda for this meeting is available here: Cross Party Group Agenda 13 March 2019

A note of the meeting is available here: Note of meeting of 13 March 2019

(NB - the meeting was not quorate and therefore was not an official cross party group meeting.)

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