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Homelessness and Palliative and End of life Care

The following presentations took place:

People who are homeless and need palliative care – UK and Scottish Context

Dr Joy Rafferty, Strathcarron Hospice ( PowerPoint slides)

Hospice Collaboration on Single Homelessness in Lothian

Hilary Ford, Hospice Manager, Marie Curie

St Columba’s Hospice - Homeless Services ECHO Network

Hilary Gardner, Community CNS/ECHO Lead (PowerPoint slides)

Marie Curie Hospice – Pathway to specialist palliative care for single homelessness in Lothian

Kelly Moffat, Clinical Nurse Specialist

The work of the Edinburgh Access Practice

Dr John Budd, GP, Edinburgh Access Practice


An Agenda for the meeting is available here: XPG Agenda 4 September 2019

A minute of the meeting is available here: Minute of XPG meeting 4 September 2019

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