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COVID-19: General guidelines

This is a list of the latest general guidance for treating and responding to patients with COVID-19.

Scottish Primary Care Hub Triage Guide (updated: 1 April 2020)

Version 1.3

Guidance from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Scotland on treating patients with COVID-19

This is a key document. It is broad in scope, and sets out key recommendations to guide the delivery of health and social care from community assessment to critical care and end of life care. The guidance includes a Primary Care Triage Guide.

Health Protection Scotland Guidance for First Responders and others in Close Contact with Symptomatic People

UK Government Guidance Document on infection prevention and control for COVID-19 (includes graphics and video on safe use of PPE) (last update: 12 April)

Rapid Evidence Reviews and Guidelines from NICE

A range of evidence reviews and rapid guidelines. Includes a Rapid Guideline on Critical Care featuring a flowchart/algorithm from hospital admission (refers to end of life care).

​​​The COVID-19 Compendium, produced by Health Protection Scotland, contains links to current national and international policy, guidance and resources on COVID-19 from key organisations. It is updated daily and arranged chronologically.

The Scottish Academy has set out some guidance for patients and family after death


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