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COVID-19: Guidance for general practice

This is a list of guidance for general practice from the Scottish Government and other national bodies in relation to COVID-19.

Scottish Government National Supporting Guidance for Scottish General Practice (V1.1 8th March)

Lengthy and comprehensive guidance (with cross-referencing to other guidance and resources). Aims: to be a good practice resource for all members of the general practice team; to support practices to maintain the best and safest possible service to patients; to enable practices to provide good support to their staff across a range of workforce issues.

A Summary Collation from SG/BMA/RCGP of Key Guidance and Actions

Covers a broad range including: COVID-19 Community Pathway Model [planned implementation 23rd March]; PPE; virtual consultations; suspension of online booking systems;use of eFrailty indexes; and more.

SG/RCGP Key Information Summary (KIS) Guidance for GP Practice Teams During COVID-19 Pandemic

New approaches for populating existing KIS’s, and creating new ones, for at risk patients. It covers changes to the usual process including consent, and guides identification and proactive contacting of at risk patients without a KIS.

Scottish Government Cover Letter for the Previous Item

Video Consultations – A Guide for Practice (British Journal General Practice)

HIS/Death Certification Review Service - Guidance for completing COVID-19 related Medical Certificates of Cause of Death

ES Support After Death - Guidance on Confirmation of Death procedure

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