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While the coronavirus pandemic continues, we will endeavour to keep this page updated with the latest published national guidance, news of national resources/guidance, a sample of other useful resources (UK and beyond) and links to research hubs. Please let us know if new or updated resources become available.

A range of UK-wide Guidance on Infection Control Relating to COVID-19

Guidance Document, plus graphics and video on safe use of PPE:

Scottish Government National Supporting Guidance for Scottish General Practice (V1.1 8th March)

Lengthy and comprehensive guidance (with cross-referencing to other guidance and resources). Aims: to be a good practice resource for all members of the general practice team; to support practices to maintain the best and safest possible service to patients; to enable practices to provide good support to their staff across a range of workforce issues.

A Summary Collation from SG/BMA/RCGP of Key Guidance and Actions

Covers a broad range including: Covid-19 Community Pathway Model [planned implementation 23rd March]; PPE; virtual consultations; suspension of online booking systems;use of eFrailty indexes; and more.

SG/RCGP Key Information Summary (KIS) Guidance for GP Practice Teams During Covid-19 Pandemic

New approaches for populating existing KIS’s, and creating new ones, for at risk patients. It covers changes to the usual process including consent, and guides identification and proactive contacting of at risk patients without a KIS.

Scottish Government Cover Letter for the Previous Item

Health Protection Scotland - Information and Guidance for Social or Community Care & Residential Settings (V1.2 last updated 20th March)

Health Protection Scotland Advice for Pharmacies (V3.2 last updated 18 March)

Health Protection Scotland Guidance for First Responders and others in Close Contact with Symptomatic People

Rapid Evidence Reviews and Guidelines from NICE

A range of evidence reviews and rapid guidelines. Includes a Rapid Guideline on Critical Care featuring a flowchart/algorithm from hospital admission (refers to end of life care).

Scottish national resources currently in rapid development

Scottish COVID-19 Palliative Care Guideline

This guideline aims to support professionals who are already skilled in providing generalist palliative. It will inform provision of normal palliative care in scenarios where alternatives to usual options are necessary. It will complement but not duplicate other content in the Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines.

Resource to Support Family-led/documented ACP

Being developed by Healthcare Improvement Scotland (Living Well in Communities) and Office of the SG Chief Designer.

Rapid Education Resource on Palliative and End of Life Care

Aimed at groups across health and social care with limited previous experience of proximity to dying.

Public-facing Resource Which May Be Useful for Professionals

Effective Communication for Healthcare - COVID-19 Communication for Professionals

NHS Inform - COVID-19 Information for the Public

People Dealing with Death, Dying and Bereavement - Where to Go For Support?

A broad range of resources and links produced/curated by Good Life Good Death Good Grief. (Not COVID-19 specific)

Caring for Someone with Terminal Illness

Range of guides, sources of information and helpline from Marie Curie. (Not COVID-19 specific)

Practical two-side Guide to Supporting Someone Dying at Home

Developed by the Helix Centre (Not Covid-19 specific)

Coronavirus – Dealing with Grief and Bereavement

Wide range of COVID-19 specific resources from Cruse Bereavement Care (UK). Speaks to the current context and covers issues such as funerals, isolation, children etc.:

Other Useful Resources

COVID-19 and Palliative, End of Life and Bereavement Care in Secondary: Care Role of the specialty and guidance to aid care (Guidance from the Association for Palliative Medicine)


This is the hashtag on twitter being used to rapidly share problems, solutions, information and resources.

Free COVID-19 specific Education Resources and Crisis Response Resources (Centre to Advance Palliative Care, USA)

Lots of very practical educational and other resources. (Details of dosage/clinical practice may diverge for Scottish recommendations).

Education materials here:

Crisis Response Resources here:

Video Consultations – A Guide for Practice (British Journal General Practice)

EAPC Coronavirus and the Palliative Care Response

Webpage with resources and links to EAPC social media. Includes translations of resources used in Italy.

The Corona Virus Tech Handbook (being crowdsourced in real time)

Vast collection of COVID-19 resources spanning disciplines sourced from around the world. Medical equipment hacks, triage protocols, self-care DIY mask manufacture, research and a meme collection. No palliative care apparent.

Reflections on a Rapid Non-Systematic Review of Key Literature on Palliative Care in Pandemic and Related Contexts. (End of Life Studies Group, Glasgow University)

Powerful comic strip “Palliative Care in the Time of Covid”

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