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Building on the Best Grants


Phase 2 of Building on the Best aims to improve palliative and end of life care on hospital wards in Scotland and in turn improve the experiences and outcomes of patients and their families. In part, this improvement will be achieved through working in partnership with a range of acute specialities to deliver a variety of locally identified improvement projects.

We know that at any point nearly 1 in 3 hospital beds in Scotland is occupied by someone who will die within 12 months. Applications therefore will be invited from any acute clinical area that can demonstrate a need for improvement in the care being offered to patients who are experiencing a deterioration in their health and facing an uncertain outcome.

The Application Process

Within the current project budget, there are 2 years of funding available for acute healthcare professionals to apply for funding to undertake QI projects within their clinical area.

Applicants do not need to be specialist palliative care staff, but the project must have the aim of improving an aspect of palliative care within their clinical area. Our definition of palliative care (i.e. care offered to anyone facing a deterioration in their condition with an uncertain outcome), aims to include care being given at any stage in their illness living with any life limiting condition and therefore not confined to end of life care only.

The timetable for this year’s application process is:

  1. Opens 16th Jan 2020
  2. Applications to be submitted by midday April 3rd 2020
  3. QI Project Group Meeting to agree funds: end of April 2020
  4. Successful applicants notified beg May and projects commencing Mid/late May 2020

Round 2 (year 2 of funding) the approximate timetable is:

  1. Application launch Jan 2021
  2. Closing date: beg April 2021
  3. Funds allocation end of April 2021
  4. Project commencement May 2021

(end of overarching project Aug 2022 so all projects must have been completed and final reports submitted prior to this)

There are two award streams that you may apply for:

  1. For small, local projects for < £1,000 (for basic materials/resources)
  2. For larger, collaborative projects for £1,000 - £10,000 (for basic materials/resources/staffing costs incl analysis of data)

Download more information and application form for the small grants HERE.

Download more information and application form for the larger grants HERE.

Please note that all applications should also have a completed project charter attached (further information available within the application form).

If you have any queries please contact, Caroline Sime (BobScot Project Manager) via email on to discuss.

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