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SPPC Autumn season

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we can no longer bring you the planned SPPC annual conference. Instead we are going to bring you the SPPC Autumn Season.

The Autumn Season will consist of three bite-sized virtual events, together with a poster display and competition done in a very different way.

We can’t replicate those chance encounters in the lunch queue which are a valued part of a face to face conference. However, we plan to bring you:

We can’t give you the neo-classical Georgian splendour of the Royal College of Physicians. However, we can invite you to join from your bedroom or busy office, without the need to travel or give up a whole day. Random cats and kids are welcome too. More details to follow soon.

Poster display and competition

The Autumn Season will include a virtual poster display and exhibition. If you are interested in displaying your work, please get in touch - more information is available here: Virtual poster display and competition.

Photo credit: Herr Bohn

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