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Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care (SNAPC)

Welcome to the Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care web page.

The Scottish Network for Acute Palliative Care (SNAPC) connects hospital palliative care teams across Scotland to share learning, provide support and facilitate collaboration on issues of common interest. It is part of the Building on the Best project.


Date of Next Meeting

We are planning to host a Zoom meeting on THURSDAY 21st MAY 1215-1400.

This first meeting will be slightly longer than future meetings to allow us to deal with any technical issues that may arise and to ensure people can connect. If anyone would like to test the zoom link prior to this meeting please email me to agree a time to do this.

Linking to the priorities agreed at the network event in January, we would like this meeting to focus on data collection and hear about what is currently being collected across teams and health boards. If you would like to share what your team is currently doing in a 5 minute, 2 slides presentation then please get in touch.

Finally, we would like the network to have a logo however, the creative forces are not strong in your secretariat and we would welcome suggestions and designs for us to put to a vote at the meeting. The logo will be used for a new twitter account and on the webpage so please if you have hidden artistic talents now is a good time to put them to use!

Please email to participate in the next zoom meeting and to submit your logo designs.

Inaugural Meeting

The SNAPC held its first meeting on Thursday 16th January 2020, in Glasgow. Over 50 representatives of hospital specialist palliative care teams from all the mainland NHS boards attended. The meeting explored what the aims, activities and initial priorities of the network should be. In addition to planning the development of the network the day also featured plenty of networking in action. There were short presentations on current work from teams around the country. Recent work by Marie Curie and PATCH also featured. SPPC will produce a full report of the day, which will be available on this page.

As part of discussion participants were polled on key issues including:-

What do you hope is gained from the formation of SNAPC?

What should be the top priorities of the network? (ranking)

At the end of the day participants were asked to express in one word how they felt about the SNAPC:-

Embarking on a new venture:-

Slides from the day can be downloaded here.

A report and summary of the event can be accessed here

If you want to find out more or get involved in the network then please contact or call 0131 2722735.

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