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There's still a chance to catch some of the Death on the Fringe Lectures - a unique opportunity to hear some outstanding speakers exploring issues relating to death and dying. Join us in Edinburgh next week to be challenged and entertained...

Mystical Experiences at the End of Life?

Allan Kellehear is Professor of End of Life Care at the University of Bradford.

Dying people commonly report unusual experiences. Some of these are called near-death experiences or deathbed visions. All of these experiences have been described, at one time or another, as hallucinations. Other people have described these as altered states of consciousness that enhance well-being and spiritual understanding. For New Age readers, these experiences are direct proof that human beings survive death. What are we to believe? This talk will provide an outline of the main features of these experiences, discuss their worldwide prevalence, and offer a critical evaluation of the explanations we receive about them from medicine and religion.

Tue 23 Aug / 19:30 / Allan Kellehear: Mystical Experiences At The End Of Life – Really? (Quaker Meeting House) [in partnership with Just Festival]

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Talking to children about death

Dr Sally Paul is Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Strathclyde.

"What happens to dead people's bodies?" Children have questions about everything, but how appropriate is it to talk to children about death? What do they want to know? Where should they learn it? What will you say? Dr Sally Paul explores what children want to know about death and when they want to know it. She asks what helps you talk to children about death, what puts you off and if there are any major consequences. Please note - children's views will be included!

Wed 24 Aug / 19:30 / Sally Paul: What Happens To Dead People’s Bodies?
(Quaker Meeting House) [in partnership with Just Festival]

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